Mission Statement and Donation Letter

Education, Improvement, Fostering Growth

The purpose of the PacWest Disc Golf Alliance (PacWest DGA) is multifaceted. First, it is to support educational programs that promote awareness of the sport of disc golf. Secondly, PacWest DGA focuses on improvement of disc golf by providing the infrastructure for the sport to grow, for example, through the support of new disc golf course development and improvements to existing disc golf courses. Finally, PacWest DGA promotes events that foster growth of the sport that reflects a positive family friendly spirit of disc golf and aids in the proper growth of the sport, development, and professional presentation to the general public.

Education, Improvement, Fostering Growth… These are the cornerstones of PacWest Disc Golf Alliance.

Why disc golf? The PacWest DGA and the members of the greater disc golf community believe that our sport is unequaled in providing recreation, exercise, companionship, fun, and contact with Nature. Players of all ages and ability levels can have an inexpensive and fun fitness program for the rest of their lives. And reflecting this, the growth of disc golf has been dramatic, especially with youngsters.

PacWest DGA is a non-profit, charitable organization. When giving to a charitable organization, like the PacWest DGA, you receive a tax-deductible receipt for the total value of the donation made. You can help a worthy cause and get a tax relief at the same time. The Board of Directors of the PacWest DGA is a group of dedicated and experienced members of the disc golf community and community at large. They generously donate their time and expertise in a completely voluntary manner.

Through support from generous folks like yourself, the PacWest DGA will grow to become an important, and essential, institution in the world of disc golf on the West Coast. Part of this growth has come through building an infrastructure of safe fun disc golf courses within the Willamette Valley. We have worked with Lane County and Willamette Disc Golf Club to complete the disc golf course at Adair Park in Corvallis, Oregon where the Oregon State University Beavers Disc Golf Team practices for National Touring Events. We have redesigned Keizer Rapids Disc Golf Course in Keizer Oregon and installed new concrete T-pads to provide a safe user friendly environment for not only disc golfers but for other park users like hikers, dog walkers and bicyclists. We are currently working on building a new disc golf course at Willamette Mission State Park in Gervais Oregon, and a our newest project of expanding and upgrading the disc golf course at Champoeg State Park in Newberg, Oregon. We have some fun and educational event’s coming up this summer including an all women’s disc golf league, that includes a teaching workshop at the event. Also, we have plans of moving forward with implementing a youth league that would include High School Club Sports and a Middle School Program.

As we evolve, PacWest DGA will be dedicated to creating a foundation for the future of this wonderful sport. The future of disc golf is created with your support. Thank you for your consideration of donating to the PacWest Disc Golf Alliance and the this all around great family friendly sport.

Jason Bruster
Executive Director
PacWest DGA